The shape of your butt is an important component of having a gorgeous figure. You may have been born with a less shapely butt than you’d like, or time may have taken its toll on your body. Luckily, there’s a procedure that can help give you the butt you want. Buttock augmentation can sculpt your butt to the exact contours that you desire.

What is a butt lift?

A butt lift is also known as buttock augmentation. It’s a procedure that can be performed using a variety of techniques and can address a number of undesirable shape issues. Dr. Joel Aronowitz is a buttock augmentation specialist who can work with you to sculpt your butt into a beautiful, attractive shape.

What can a butt lift do?

A butt lift can treat the conditions that have resulted in you not having the butt shape you desire. The techniques that are used to perform the procedure will be depend on your goals and desires. Maybe you have a flat butt and you want curves, or perhaps you have lost a lot of weight and have extra skin on your butt that you want removed. A butt lift can solve these issues.

What types of butt lifts are there?

If you want a much rounder, fuller butt, then implants are the best way to give you the curves you are looking for. Implants are made of a silicone-type material that is inserted into small incisions in your buttocks. They can help you achieve a very round and full butt.

Another butt lift technique involves using liposuction to remove deposits of fat from areas of your body where you don’t want them. That fat is then cleaned and strategically reinserted into your buttocks to sculpt it into a gorgeous shape. Dr. Aronowitz can also add regenerative cells to the injections to help you have a speedier recovery and a more natural contour to your buttocks.

If you have saggy or extra skin around your buttocks due to aging or weight loss, you can have a butt lift in which that extra skin is removed to firm up the shape of your buttocks. Your skin will be taut, and your buttocks will have a smooth appearance.

Why are butt lifts so popular?

You get the butt you want

You may have tried without success to sculpt your butt through diet and exercise. A butt lift is a custom procedure that allows you to specify exactly what kind of butt contours you want, and Dr. Aronowitz can work with you to achieve that exact look.

Minimal scars and quick healing

With a butt lift procedure, there is minimal noticeable scarring, because the incisions are strategically placed within the contours of your body or in hidden areas. Furthermore, healing is relatively quick because the incisions are small.

Better shape

After your butt lift, your clothes will fit better, and you’ll look more attractive. Your skin will be tighter, and your backside will have much nicer contours. And your confidence will grow as you see the body you‘ve always wanted.

Two procedures in one

In a typical butt lift, fat is removed from problem areas of your body and reinserted into your buttocks. This allows you to trim some fat and improve your butt at the same time.

To see if a butt lift is right for you, book an appointment online or over the phone with Dr. Joel Aronowitz today.