Let’s be honest, our bodies don’t always do a good job of healing after physical trauma. Our experiences can leave us with many scars, and some can draw unwanted attention. Scar reconstruction surgery can be an excellent option if you have scars you’d prefer to live without. Dr. Aronowitz is a premier Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of these procedures over the last 30 years. Schedule a consultation today to meet the doctor and learn more.



Scar Reconstruction Surgery Candidates

If you have one or several scars that you’re bothered by, scar reconstruction surgery is something you should seriously consider. Ideal candidates are physically healthy adults who do not smoke, have a positive and realistic outlook, and do not struggle with active acne or other skin diseases in the area of focus.

Scar Reconstruction Procedure

Scar reconstruction can be performed under local anesthesia, intravenous sedation, or general anesthesia. The proper anesthetic will depend on the extent of your scarring. This surgery aims to remove the scar formation with an incision directly. After removal, stitches are placed to help close the wound. 

Sometimes, skin grafts are also used, depending on the extent of your scarring. This involves replacing or attaching skin to an area that is missing skin. Skin grafts are done by taking a piece of healthy skin from another area of the body and attaching it to the needed area.

Treatment Outcome

The degree of improvement that can be achieved with scar revision will depend on the severity of your scarring and the type, size, and location of the scar. In some cases, a single technique may provide significant improvement. However, Dr. Aronowitz may recommend combining scar revision techniques to achieve the best results.

Schedule Scar Reconstruction Surgery in Los Angeles, CA

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