Our faces aren’t the only things that age as we get older. Aging hands are a real concern; over time, your hands can develop crepey skin, protruding veins, dryness, and other signs of age. If you’re unhappy with the look of your hands, advanced fat grafting can be an effective solution. Dr. Aronowitz has over three decades of experience improving the bodies of his Beverly Hills patients. To improve your look, schedule a consultation to learn more about fat grafting today.


Photo of youthful hands holding an older person's hand

How Do Aging Hands Occur?

Your hands begin to age in your 20s, but the signs of aging hands don’t typically appear until you’re in your 30s. This process is natural and affects everyone eventually. Common signs of aging hands include:

  • The appearance of wrinkles and loose skin.
  • The appearance of age spots and sun spots.
  • Dry, red, and peeling skin.
  • Protruding veins.
  • Having stained and brittle nails.

Treatment for Aging Hands

Advanced fat grafting can effectively improve the look and feel of your hands. This treatment involves liposuction, which harvests fat from another area of your body. Once harvested, the fat is transferred into the hands, settling over time. Once the hands are healed, they will look more youthful and attractive.

What Results Can I Expect?

After the treatment, and once your hands have healed, they will feel soft and have a natural, youthful look. Unlike treatments with dermal fillers, these results typically last for several years. For full rejuvenation, fat grafting can also be performed on the face, eliminating wrinkles and giving you a beautiful overall result.

Schedule Treatments for Aging Hands in Los Angeles, CA

Advanced fat grafting can help you improve the look of your hands and feel beautiful again. Dr. Aronowitz offers this procedure here in the comfort of our Los Angeles office. Learn more about this device and our other options by filling out and submitting the schedule form below or calling our office at (310) 659-0705.