Dr. Joel Aronowitz has had a long career in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Spanning over 30 years, his experiences have helped Dr. Aronowitz hone in on his craft and specialize in several areas of treatment. As one of the most reputable plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, his knowledge has earned him the reputation of being the “doctor’s doctor.” Now, he can provide you with the following treatments like no others can.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Aronowitz is the authority on advanced reconstructive procedures, pioneering breast cancer reconstruction techniques that preserve the patient’s natural aesthetic, advanced skin cancer surgery, and using the latest treatments for better healing and results. The following is a list of his focus areas, and treatments that he provides to ensure his patients remain healthy and happy.

  1. Facial Rejuvenation (Minimally Invasive & Cellular)
  2. Cell-enhanced Fat Grafting Techniques
  3. Oncoplastic (non-disfiguring) Breast Cancer & Prophylactic Surgery
  4. Breast Implant Replacement w/ Natural Fat Grafting
  5. Skin Cancer Using Slo-Mohs Technique 
  6. Cosmetic Surgery in Medically Complex Patients

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