If you struggle with weight loss – it may not be your fault, and help is available. Dr. Aronowitz has been performing liposuction and other surgeries for the residents of Beverly Hills for over 30 years. Whether you’re eager to transform your look or need a helping hand, Dr. Aronowitz can help. Request an appointment at our Los Angeles office to learn more.


Photo of a woman with excess belly fat

How Does Excess Fat Form?

Losing belly fat, love handles, and excess fat takes a lot of work and dedication. These indicators of excess fat build-up are due to poor nutritional habits over time. Not getting enough exercise also contributes to stubborn weight gain. Age and genetics majorly affect how much weight our bodies retain as well. It may be time to get professional insight when your exercise routines don’t do the trick.

Treatments for Excess Fat

Surgical treatments like liposuction are the most impactful options for addressing stubborn fat areas. A simple procedure is all that’s needed to transform your body and help you get the slim figure you want. Other options are available as well and can offer more transformative results.

What Results Can I Expect?

Results will depend on your chosen treatment option. Surgeries will require recovery time where some bed rest and refraining from extraneous physical activity for several weeks may be necessary. It is important to follow Dr. Aronowitz’s post-surgical instructions to ensure that your body heals properly. Follow-up videos may be necessary to track how your body is healing.

Schedule Excess Fat Reduction Treatments in Los Angeles, CA

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