Women with small breasts can struggle with a poor self-image and finding clothing that fits properly. If you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, Dr. Aronowitz can help. He has been a plastic surgeon for over 30 years, catering to the aesthetic needs of his Beverly Hills clientele. Along with breast augmentation, the doctor can also perform a breast lift and mommy makeover to completely transform your look. Schedule a consultation to meet with Dr. Aronowitz and find the option that suits you best.


Photo of a woman with small breasts wearing a white tank top

What Causes Small Breasts?

Breast size is affected by several factors, including genetics, rapid weight loss, hormones, certain medical conditions, malnutrition, and a lack of proper breast tissue development. Often a few of these factors are at play, making the exact cause of small breasts muddled and difficult to discern. However, no matter the cause the issue can be addressed with the proper surgical procedure.

Surgical Options for Small Breasts

Dr. Aronowitz can perform a standalone augmentation, combine this procedure with a lift, or perform a complete mommy makeover. A mommy makeover often involves a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and arm lift. The appropriate surgery for you will depend on your specific goals and what you hope to accomplish.

What Results Can I Expect?

Your results will depend on your chosen surgery. In any case, dressing will likely have to be worn until your breasts heal. Drainage tubes may be inserted to remove excess fluid from the treated area. Additionally, several days of recovery time will be needed. Once your breasts heal, you may still need to refrain from strenuous activities for several weeks. The good news is that surgical results offer a permanent increase in size and improvement in the shape of your breasts.

Schedule Surgery for Small Breasts in Los Angeles, CA

If you’re unhappy with your breasts’ size and/or shape, Dr. Aronowitz can help. The doctor offers augmentation, lift, and mommy makeover surgeries to help you get your desired look. Explore our surgical options by filling out and submitting the schedule form below or calling our office at (310) 659-0705.