Laura P.

Kind and informative doctor with a professional staff. I was very impressed during my consult with Dr. Aronwitz. The experience was good from start to finish and I felt comfortable and informed during the entire visit. I booked my breast surgery for next month and I am so excited to see my results! *

Gerald K.

Very pleasant experience*

Samantha K.

Getting this surgery (breast implants) was a huge deal to me so here is my thorough review of the experience: First of all - Dr. Aronowitz did a phenomenal job on my breast augmentation. I went to Dr. Aronowitz with nice, but kinda lopsided breasts. I'd been wanting to get that corrected for years, but I was very shy about visiting a plastic surgeon and anxious about undergoing general anesthesia and complications. I did lots of research on types of breast augmentation and plastic surgeons and finally selected Dr. Aronowitz. I wish I'd done it way sooner. I could not be more happy with how beautiful my breasts turned out. They're now perfect, matching C cups. My scar is nicely hidden and the nipples are perfectly level with each other. They look very natural. Dealing with him and his office staff was a pleasure. All of the ladies working were so kind and understanding. Lisa, who was the woman I scheduled the surgery with, made sure to give me very thorough aftercare instructions and let me know what to expect for the healing process. They even fit me in on very short notice when I wanted to bump up my post-operative appointment. So grateful for that. Dr. Aronowitz himself was so nice and easy to talk to. After the consultation he explained to me the different options (over/under the muscle, implant or fat transfer, incision placement) and gave me his opinion on what to do, but also made sure I really understood those options before making a decision. Same thing with the implant size. I put my trust in his expertise and ended up going with his exact recommendation. Very glad that I did! My boobs look great! He was very kind to me after the surgery too and even responded to my emails after office hours. The whole experience was even better than I'd hoped for. I would 100% go back to him and highly recommend him for how he and the staff treated me and how my results turned out. Thank you Dr. A and everyone!!!*

Carolyn M.

Dr. Aronowitz took a lot of time to answer my questions and address my concerns and treated me like a person rather than a patient. I was very impressed with his professionalism and kindness.*

Brenda H.

I felt very comfortable at Dr. Aronowitz office . Everyone in the office was very nice. Dr Aronowitz was very informative and extremely knowledgeable . I never felt rushed and I left the office feeling like they truly care about their patients, and I haven't felt that way about a DR in a very long time. I'm thankful I found Dr Aronowitz!*


Terrific. One suggestion: The COVID-19 Pandemic is going to be with us for at least another year, probably longer, and possibly much longer. Everyone working in enclosed space with forced air circulation is breathing the same air as everyone else in the building. No building was built with enough filtration for COVID-19. There is probably no effective way to install effective hepafilters for 1090W. Therefore, EVERYONE working regularly in 1090W should. be in an N95 mask at all times. Aerosolized coronavirus is small enough to theoretically get through an N95, but an N95, properly fitted is a much greater barrier than an ordinary surgeon's mask. The my-mask-protects -you, your-mask-protects-me mantra is simply not going to work long term for people who are working all day in enclosed space with forced air circulation. Those people are running, if anything, a greater risk than passengers on Southwest Airlines, which has now spent millions of dollars to retrofit all of its fleet with much more robust hepafilters and exchanges cabin air with outside air every 2-3 minutes. I represented the indigenous landowners of Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands in federal litigation to obtain radiation surveying, cleanup and revegetation of Bikini and other islands and atolls of the Northern Marshall Islands. Everything north of 10º North. The half-life of plutonium is 24,200 years. That made survey and clean-up an imperative. Fortunately as a Harvard undergrad I got a working knowledge of the physics and chemistry of nuclear technology. In my first eight years of law practice, my Denver firm represented Royal Globe insurance, which had the comp and casualty cover on the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons operation, where atomic bomb "triggers" were manufactured for thermonuclear weapons (hydrogen bombs). The claims all came from either skin burns or inhalation of nano-particles of plutonium from torn gloves, broken equipment, etc. I have done serious legal work related to potentially fatal diseases transmitted by airborne aerosolized nano-particles. That is EXACTLY the primary means of transmission of SARS-2 Coronavirus. N95's are now available readily and cheaply. I have a subscription that gets me ten per month for $29.00. I believe the CDC should mandate N95's for all persons working or living in enclosed space with forced air circulation, and that over time, all building owners/operators should be mandated to upgrade their filtration systems. It is speculation, not solid science, that we are going to have a COVID-19 vaccine soon, or ever. We do not have a vaccine for HIV. We do not have a vaccine for four different coronavirus causes of the common cold. We operate on the assumption that if enough money and talent is thrown at a very difficult problem, there WILL be a success. That is borne of looking back to the Manhattan Project and thee Apollo Program. But physicists launched a uranium-based chain reaction at the University of Chicago in 1939. The science underlying the Manhattan Project was already known. Apollo was scaling up engineering and systems already known, including launch, guidance, and human factors in weightless space. Neither the Manhattan Project nor the Apollo Program required new scientific breakthrough. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine does require that. Along the way, treatment modalities will improve. We shall probably get to a point of manageability at scale, although we are not there yet. There are shining examples that public health measures relentlessly applied will mitigate the disease. South Korea, with a population of over 60 million has had under 500 deaths. But they were ready, and they have a population willing to wear masks and create the environment for testing, tracing, isolation, etc. The United States desperately needs to get there. The perceived need to get there must start with the medical community. Cedars is seen worl.d-wide as a leader. I can think of no better place for Cedars to put its leadership into action than this issue.*