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Rapid COVID19 BioFire Testing Protocol



  • Notify patients of $300 fee with insurance.
  • CEDARS: Patients must be scheduled prior to 1PM for same day results.
  • ALL OTHER LOCATIONS: Patients must be scheduled prior to 12:00PM to guarantee same day results. If patients are scheduled in the afternoon, they must be notified that they will not receive their results until the following day. THIS WILL NOT BEGIN UNTIL CEDARS HAS BEEN RUNNING RAPID TESTING FOR TWO WEEKS. YOUR OFFICE WILL BE NOTIFIED AND PROCEDURES WILL BE SPECIFIED.



  • New patients will require new patient paperwork, photo ID, and insurance cards as usual.
  • Collect $300 fee for all patients.
    • 1 hour results cost $500 and must be scheduled at cedars office before 3pm
    • 8 hour (same day) results cost $300 and must be scheduled at cedars before 3pm
    • Medicare will cover the test but we will run your insurance
  • Check in the patient as usual and provide the fee ticket to an the provider to proceed with sample collection.
  • Providers for testing include: Dr. Aronowitz, Bridget, Kaitlin, Sarah Levitsky or Jessica. Medical assistants and non-credentialed employees may not touch the samples or administer tests.
  • CEDARS: Notify the patient that their results will be available within 1 hour, and give them the option of waiting to receive results in person or make sure we have the correct contact information to provide results over the phone or via email.
  • ALL OTHER LOCATIONS: Notify the patient that their sample will be couriered to the Cedars office, after which results will be available within 1 hour if received by 1pm. Ensure we have their contact information to provide results over the phone or via email.



  • An MA will room the patient in Rooms 1-3.
  • A designated provider will then collect a nasopharyngeal sample from the patient and place the swab in a media-filled collection tube.
    • Swabs that may be used: Cedars swab with collection tube, Microgen swab placed in Cedars tube, PathMD swab and tube.
    • Reference clinician collection procedure guide.
  • Label the tube with the patient’s name, DOB, DOS, and sample type.
  • CEDARS: The provider will personally bring the specimen to the OR for testing or pass off to a designated credentialed provider to run the sample.
  • ALL OTHER LOCATIONS: Send the sample to the Cedars location via courier service. Make sure the sample is sent prior to 1:00PM.



  • Each sample’s processing must be overseen by a credentialed member of the staff (MD, PA, or RN), who may delegate to another employee for assistance. Any questions and concerns may be directed to Kaitlin.
  • Process the sample according to BioFire protocol and fill out a lab requisition form.
  • Record the sample in the designated log.
  • After the testing is completed, whoever processed the sample is responsible for printing a copy of the results and bringing it to the front along with the lab requisition form.
  • If samples are collected after 3:30PM, they should be refrigerated and processed the following day.



  • A front office member will scan in the lab requisition form and results page to the patient’s chart and provide the results to the physician.
  • The front office is also responsible for calling the patient to notify them of their results or emailing the report to the patient.
  • If the result is negative the front office at cedars will call to inform the patient. The cedars front office will complete this regardless of the office that sent the sample.
  • If the result is positive the provider will call the patient and walk them through the CDC guidelines and proper quarantining procedures.
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