COVID-19 Rapid PCR & Antibody Testing Available Now! Inquire with us about BioFire FDA EUA approved rapid testing and corporate testing options.

COVID-19 Testing FAQ


How do I book for testing?
Simply send us an inquiry through our contact us page on the website or give us a call at 310 659-0705, we will be happy to get you scheduled.

The antibody test is covered by medicare or costs $75 per test, we will still bill your insurance to try and get coverage. The COVID-19 sputum test is also covered by medicare or costs $200 cash. We can accommodate home or office visits for a flat fee of $300 to send a provider to a location within a 7 mile radius of your nearest location. Corporate and large scale testing is possible. For inquiries on corporate testing, please contact

What information will I learn from the test?
The COVID-19 Sputum test will reveal if you are currently infected with the virus. The antibody or “rapid” test will reveal two antibodies:
IgM ANTIBODY : FIRST will appear within 12 hours – 7 days. This Antibody can be detected in a healthy person during the early stage of infection with roughly 93% accuracy. It will decline on average from day 7 – 21. This can potentially help give us a rough idea of “when” the person was infected, and “if” they are still potentially spreading the virus to other people. IgM Positive patients may have NO symptoms during this phase but CAN be shedding/passing the virus still. (infected patient should be isolated from others, even if they have no symptoms).
IgG ANTIBODY : SECOND will appear within 5 – 21 days in most healthy people. This is the Antibody that works to combat and suppress the Virus. This helps us to potentially better determine what stage the patient is within their infection. Test accuracy of 96.5%.
Having ONLY the IgG Antibody, “generally would indicate” the person is recovering or on their way to recovered. It would also indicate, the patient has built an Immunity to the Coronavirus. This does not mean they cannot get infected again, but it does mean now they contain the Antibody to quickly suppress the virus. This IgG Antibody should remain detectable for years with our test. This person should be okay to return to regular life without fear (after quarantining for 1 additional safety week and “after” testing again to confirm).
Having Both IgM and IgG Positive would “generally” indicate the beginning / middle phase of the infection, and it is good sign the infected should be on their way to recovery “if they have light or no symptoms”. This person should be okay to return to regular life without fear (after quarantining for 2 additional safety weeks, “after” testing again to confirm).

How will I benefit from taking the antibody test?
You learn if you are infected, if you had been infected and are a carrier of antibodies and if so, roughly when you were infected. Testing is recommended for those who fear they may been exposed to COVID-19 or individuals who:

• Travel or living in an area where there is community spread.
• Close proximity to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.
• High Risk Individuals.
• Anyone wanting preliminary peace of mind.
• Those who work in public jobs during quarantine times.

When will I find out my results?

The COVID-19 Sputum test results are generally accessible in 48 hours and the antibody test results are available in 10-15 minutes.

Who makes the test?
Microgen is the maker of the COVID-19 sputum test and Vita Testing is the maker of the antibody test.

If my antibody test is negative can I still be positive for the virus? INFO REQUIRED

How long after being infected does it take for the antibodies to show up?
See above.

Is the antibody test FDA approved?
The FDA has approved the use of the technologies applied in the Abbott Labs test for use to expedite testing. The only FDA has approved the use of the same testing technologies for use by private labs in order to release testing with urgency as the normal approval process requires over a year typically. The approval for the test falls under the EUA or Emergency Use Authorization which is the emergency authorization for use.

How does the test work? What is the procedure for administering the test?
The COVID-19 Sputum test utilizes a swab to procure saliva to be tested. The antibody test requires a blood draw to harvest a small blood sample.

How accurate is the test?
Regarding the reliability of the testing, the test is over 96% accurate. That being said, nothing is guaranteed and it is certainly possible that labs and tests results come back with inaccurate readings. We have not had any reporting of false positives and have tested individuals multiple times so there is no reason for us to believe the test is faulty.

Does my insurance cover it?
Testing is covered by medicare. If you are a non-medicare patient we will always run your insurance for coverage.

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