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Fat Grafting Can Help You Get Your Summer Booty

Summer Booty

You probably know that there are surgical solutions available for countless bodily imperfections. So if your backside is showing signs of age and gravity, you may be looking into what techniques might give you that taut derriere you’ve always wanted. But if you’re not interested in surgery or are not a good candidate, you have a great option in fat grafting. 

Dr. Joel Aronowitz, one of Beverly Hills most-sought-after plastic surgeons, specializes in using advanced technology and state-of-the-art techniques to create his patients’ ideal bodies. His extensive research on and experience with cosmetic rejuvenation mean you can trust him to attentively listen to your aesthetic goals and desires and transform them into reality. 

When it comes to shaping booties, he often recommends fat grafting as an effective, safe, and minimally invasive way to get your backside beach ready.

Fat grafting explained

Simply put, fat grafting — sometimes called fat transfer or a Brazilian butt lift — removes fat from one place on your body and adds it to another place on your body. 

Dr. Aronowitz starts by performing liposuction on the area where the fat will be harvested from. This might be your hips, thighs, or tummy. Don’t worry about feeling any pain; he numbs the area first so you’ll be comfortable through the whole procedure.

The next step is prepping the fat for transfer. Dr. Aronowitz places the withdrawn fat into a centrifuge, which is simply a machine that spins a substance so fast that it separates it into distinct components. In this case, it enables him to purify your fat so it’s ready to go to its new destination.

Finally, he injects that pure, perfect fat into your bottom exactly in the right places where it will give it a rounder shape, a tighter appearance, and an uplifted profile.

What’s special about a fat grafting butt lift from Dr. Aronowitz?

As a leading clinical researcher in the field of stem cell technology, Dr. Aronowitz is on the cutting edge of cosmetic rejuvenation procedures that involve regenerative medicine. When he performs a fat grafting procedure on your bottom, he can also add stem cells derived from your fat that will make your recovery much faster. 

Caring for your new buttocks

Although fat grafting is considered minimally invasive, it does involve a few tiny incisions and possibly some light anesthesia, so Dr. Aronowitz will make sure you haven’t had negative reactions for a few hours after the procedure before he releases you to go home. And he may send you on your way with a special undergarment you’ll need to wear while you’re healing.

In the days following your fat grafting, you’ll want to avoid sitting for long periods of time as well as sleeping on your back, as that could damage your new fat deposits. It’s also a good idea to forego strenuous exercise for a couple of months. 

Once your fat graft has taken hold and feels settled in its new home, you can sit at your desk, sleep on your back, get back to your regular workouts, and thoroughly enjoy your tighter, higher, contoured new butt.

If you’ve been wondering about how to improve your shape and look better in your jeans, consider fat grafting with Dr. Aronowitz. Call us today or book an appointment online

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